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The Solution

Scientists and investors are rooted in two different world. In order for science to be translated into business these two worlds need to meet. 

In Marigold Innovation we facilitate this whilst protecting the Life Science companies from introducing diluting capital too early and to ensure that when they do, it is done under the best terms as possible. 


Young life science start-ups needs to consider a sound financial strategy that allows for the inevitable detours dictated by nature.

Engaging with investors or venture capitalists often dictates an expectation of moving a project ahead in a straight and defined line.

Often however this is not how nature works and in reality deviations are made along the way.

Such deviations are not predictable and does often not fit into the venture capitalist or investors mindset and too many deviations becomes critical and the money flow stops.

In Marigold Innovation we build bridge between these two worlds.

In Marigold Innovation we have strong financial partners who are experts in building the best financial strategies that suits individual funding needs.

Join us for a talk about how we can help you  

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