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Untapped potential

Untapped Potential 

Like icebergs, the potential of Nordic life science lies mostly below the surface invisible to the naked eye. At Marigold, we unleash this potential.


The Nordics are a powerhouse

Our region is famous for world-class research and successful pharma and biotech industries. We invest more in public research and development sector measured by percentage of GDP than anyone else.

However, our ecosystem does not create nearly as many biotech start-ups and spinouts from academia and established life-science companies as comparable regions. At Marigold Innovation, we are helping to change this.


We bring the skills needed to turn great life science ideas into commercially successful companies.

The Problem: The Missing Link

The missing link

Great ideas come from great scientists 

An academic scientific career requires a strong focus on a specific, narrow field. It is essential to being a world-class scientist, but this narrow focus leaves a passionate scientist little time or capacity to excel in the many other areas also critical for successful company creation:

  • late-stage development

  • operational planning

  • business development

  • marketing and sales

  • IP strategy

  • fundraising

  • and more. 


Too many great scientific ideas die early, not because the ideas lack brilliance, scientific momentum, or commercial potential, but simply because very few scientists can do everything it takes to lift the early translation through to a commercial concept. The combination of required expertise becomes overwhelming.

The Solution

The solution

Professional, complementary support - Co-founding

Scientists and investors are rooted in two different worlds, and for science to translate into business, these two different worlds must meet.

Furthermore, most scientists prefer to stay where they add the most value, namely as highly skilled scientists and inventors who understand the translational process at an intellectual level. ​We allow the skilled scientists focus where they excel – on doing science.

Marigold Innovation closes the competency gap by complementing the scientific team with all the necessary skills at the right time and right level to secure the optimal path from academia to commercially viable company.

Merging the senior biotech executive team from Marigold Innovation with the scientific group lets us establish a strong team that can safeguard the project together and make it shine. This synergy creates a solid foundation that ultimately will deliver more life-changing solutions to patients.​ 

This is how Marigold Innovation unleashes potential!


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