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Ulla Hald Buhl

Ulla has more than 25 years of national and international experience in biotech, and she is a serial entrepreneur as a Founder of 3 companies as well as having key roles in multiple IPO's and running 3 listed companies in Denmark and Sweden.

Ulla is driven by collaborating with great and inspiring teams in the development of innovative drugs for patients in need. She is know to work focused and goal-oriented as well as highly dedicated in doing so in a high-performance culture. 

Ulla has built up considerable experience in developing strategies for value creation and also implementing core structures to develop and execute on these strategies. In addition, she has played a key role of 2 marketing approvals of oncology drugs from the American and European Health authorities (FDA&EMA).

In her C-level roles Ulla has been responsible for a cross-disciplinary and international team in CMC; R&D: biomarker development & lab, clinical drug development including collaboration with multiple CROs for optimal operations. In addition to these roles, Ulla has earned experience as a BoD member in listed and private in both Danish and US companies.

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