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Niels Skjærbæk

Niels Skjærbæk is educated as a pharmacist and subsequent obtained a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry in 1995. Niels has 25 years of working experience from both biotech and pharma industry and he has a broad understanding of drug development processes, ranging from early idea phase until commercialization.


Niels is recognized for his large network within the Danish and international biotech/pharma environment and for his ability to identify commercial opportunities. This unique combination enables him to position new promising projects in a viable matrix of relevant collaborative stakeholders.


Niels furthermore brings a rare combination of systematic, supportive and interpersonal competences to the table, which allows him to facilitate implementation of solutions to complex situations.


Niels started his career at ACADIA Pharmaceuticals as department head and responsible for medicinal chemistry activities, with focus on delivering novel, potent and selective small molecules targeting pharmacological receptors within CNS. 


Before joining Marigold Innovation, Niels has had several business development positions within both private and public functions. Lately, Niels was employed as business development manager at the Technology Transfer Office at University of Copenhagen.


Niels is currently partner at Marigold Innovation and COO and co-owner of Conrig Pharma. Niels has been project manager for a number of projects, where focus has been timely delivery and optimal collaboration with different stakeholders. Understand commercial aspects, when leading primarily early drug development projects until clinical Proof of Concept development stages.

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