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The Marigold Innovation team holds individually a wide range of skill sets and together we offer a strong level of support across multiple disciplines. 

Depending on your needs we can tailor-make your support package. 

For your invention to reach market you need to be able to execute on your go-to-market strategy and ensure effective efforts in identifying and developing your high value segments. 

By early involvement and front-loading of late-stage competencies a lean, cost effective and risk balanced path from idea to proof of concept is developed.


A solid IP portfolio and optimal licensing terms are based on in-depth understanding of the technology and the business model.

Early focus on creating high performance teams secures a motivating environment within a growing company. 


Favourable funding strategy protects the founders optimally, also allowing the science to guide the development towards first dilutable funding

A company's core narrative is based on team members' motivation, technology capability as well as market and user needs. The core narrative is important to ensure optimal storytelling for different audiences such as potential collaborators, investors and users.


High quality legal advice, combined with a thorough understanding of the life-science business, is a prerequisite to secure the right agreements for a viable company.

The road to success is never taken alone, along the way you will always find the need to engage with partners to support your journey. Finding the right partners or getting the most out of them may not be that straight forward, here we help navigating.


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